Professional Painting Services in Reidsville, NC

Denning Paint has over 40 years of experience for every type of restoration and preservation service for residential, commercial, or industrial properties. From painting to staining to pressure washing and more, we can provide a professional and complete job at the end of the day. Our house painters, commercial painting contractors, and industrial painting contractors know how to complete your paint job perfectly the first time without wasting time, materials, or your budget. 

For the best results, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to handle large paint jobs. Don't risk having a shoddy paint job that won't last long. Our residential painters will ensure a clean-lined appearance, even coating, and a quality finish. We are licensed and insured to guarantee your property is protected and your paint job lasts!

Painting Services

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Denning Paint, LLC specializes in painting first and foremost. While Dennis E. Denning started with house painting in 1974, the painting contractors' experience now extends to painting any type of commercial or industrial building as well, including: 
  • Brush Rolling and Spraying
  • Chain Link Painting
  • Farm Silo Painting
  • Fence Painting
  • House Painting
  • Epoxy Coatings on Floors and Walls
  • Metal Roof Painting
  • Parking Lot Line Striping

Washing Services

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In addition to being expert painters, the family team at Denning Paint, LLC also provide power and pressure washing services, such as: 
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Custom Washes
  • Hot and Cold Pressure Washing
  • Roof Stain Removal
  • Mildew Removal

Staining Services

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As painters, the contractors at Denning Paint can also perform staining work on a variety of materials and surfaces. By far our most popular staining service is deck staining, but we can touch up shutters, benches, furniture, walkways, docks, and more.

Call us today for your staining project and we will let you know what we can do. Our staining services are available for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. 

Preservation and Restoration Services

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The skills of the Denning Paint team extend to a variety of preservation and restoration services, including: 
  • Concrete Floor Grinding
  • Light Carpentry
  • Plaster Work
  • Resurfacing Concrete Floors
  • Sheet Rock Repair
  • Special Treatments
  • Water Proofing

It is best to invest in a professional service that is affordable and efficient, so you won't have to back track and repaint certain areas. Contact us to speak with a painting contractor today!